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June 2nd - August 1st

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Special Science Projects alternating Thursdays! June 12 & 26th July 10th & 24th 10:30am!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Greg Heffley is an awkward kid in middle school who hates the weird people and teachers and writes it in his diary and says when he's famous, he will not have to listen to dumb questions. It is a funny book with many books in the series. I'd recommend this series of books for both boys and girls.
The Dead and Buried
A girl named Jade move into a haunted house with her stepmother, father, and stepbrother. Her mom died a long time earlier. She meets a guy named Kane and a guy named Donovan. They both dated the dead girl who haunts her house. She has to figure out who killed the girl before she kills her brother Coby.
The Landry News
Cara Landry wants to be a reporter when she grows up so she practices with her own paper called the Landry News. She writes an editorial and her teacher finds it and is mad. So her teacher starts a unit on reporting. Cara makes a new paper and now she might make Mr. Larson lose his job.
The Fifth Wave
This novel is set in an apocalyptic setting where aliens have come and invaded earth. The aliens are killing off humans in waves. This novel starts at the end of the fourth wave. The main character Cassie must fight for her survival as well as find her kid brother. The Fifth wave is the first in a series.
How To Train A Dragon
Cressida Cowell
Hiccup has always heard the way to train a dragon was to yell at them. He and 9 other boys hoping to become full members of the Tribe are sent to first catch a dragon then train it to obey simple commands on Thor'sday Thursday. Hiccup is able to choose a sleeping dragon and place it in his basket on his back like the 8 other boys as they leave the cave the last boy, Fishlegs, is trying to get a special dragon and he sneezes 4 times awakening the sleeping Nadder Dragon. As they race to escape the cave Hiccup gives his basket with his dragon to Fishlegs, takes his empty basket, and races to the cave entrance. All the boys luckily escape, and Hiccup has also taken another dragon, a very, very small dragon with no teeth – Toothless. They train their dragons, Thor’sday is ruined the boys get banished from the Island. Two Giant Sea Dragon’s appear on the island threatening to eat everyone. The boys decide to save the people because things can’t get worse. The Dragon’s end up fighting each other, one dies. The other one is dying and says he’ll eat Hiccup first. He opens his mouth tosses him in. Toothless flies up the giant dragon’s nose causes the dragon to have problems his fire breathing is effected and he can’t blow out fire. This build up causes him to eventually blow up his head forcing Hiccup and Toothless to fly through the air Toothless helps Hiccup land pretty safe. Hiccup is recovering all believe Toothless dies. They are giving him a Viking funeral on a boat. Hiccup races to stop it. The boat is on fire. Toothless awakes and flies through the air with tail on fire he goes in the water puts it flies back to Hiccup. The boys stay, laws change and over a long time people don’t believe there were such giant creatures.